Construction Careers List

Construction Careers List

If you’re considering a career in the construction industry, it’s vital to do your research into the kind of role you could see yourself fulfilling.

This industry is vast and varied, spanning numerous sectors, meaning there are plenty of career paths to choose from, no matter where your skills or passions lie.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we’re committed to supporting you in finding your ideal construction role. But with so many career options to choose from, where should you start? Check out our Construction Careers List below to give you some inspiration…


Trade Roles

If you’re looking for a hands-on career that allows you to take advantage of your technical skills, a trade role could be your perfect match. These roles include:


As a carpenter, you’ll work with wood to construct or repair a range of structures across a multitude of projects. From residential homes to commercial buildings, your expertise will lie in framing, and you’ll rely on your sound woodwork skills and eye for detail.


If you’re methodical and logical in equal measures, an electrician role could be for you. You’ll find yourself working on a range of projects, from one-story homes to large public establishments, you’ll be tasked with ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical wiring and components.

HVAC Technician

Climate control is a vital part of the construction process. In this role, you’ll specialise in the installation of heating, ventilation or air conditioning.

Of course, there are plenty more trade roles available, but these are a great starting point if you’re new to construction.


Technical and Design Roles

If a hands-on construction role isn’t for you but instead your passions lie in design, these roles may be a better fit:


As an architect, you’ll use your keen eye for detail and practised skills to design both the aesthetic and functional aspects of structures.

Civil Engineer

In this role, you’ll be responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of roads, bridges and infrastructure. You’ll be focused on ensuring these structures meet safety standards.


Management and Planning

If you have previous experience in overseeing projects within other industries, you may choose to aim for a role in management or planning. These include:

Project Manager

As a project manager, you’ll be tasked with overseeing the entire construction process. You’ll work closely with the design and trade teams to ensure the project runs smoothly, sticks to time boundaries and functions effectively once complete.


If you’re mathematically minded, a role as an estimator could be for you. As the title suggests, you’ll be responsible for estimating the cost of projects, from equipment and materials to labour and everything in between. You’ll play an important role in project bids.


Your Construction Career

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it gives you an overview of the opportunities available to you within the construction industry. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a wealth of experience behind you, whether your skills lie in trade, management or design, there really is a construction role for everyone.

To find the one that suits you best, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mackinnon & Partners recruitment team.


Jack Miller

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