Will Renewable Energy Create Jobs?

Will Renewable Energy Create New Jobs?

Our consistent quest for a more sustainable way of living is having a direct impact on the number of renewable energy jobs available. As governments strive to achieve lower carbon emission targets and invest in plans to reduce fossil fuel consumption, renewable energy is making its way to the forefront of those initiatives.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has reported a significant increase in employment in the renewable energy sector over the last few years, with numbers hovering close to the 13 million mark worldwide.

Reports also show increases in employment in the solar and wind energy sectors in particular, as well as hydropower, with each sector responding to increased renewable energy demand.

So, will renewable energy create jobs? The answer is undeniable. Renewable energy is creating jobs already and will continue to do so on an increasing scale in the coming years.

But how exactly is renewable energy creating those jobs? And what does that mean for your renewable energy career?


How is Renewable Energy Creating Jobs?

Renewable energy is creating jobs in several ways, encompassing a variety of sectors and specific skill sets. Some of these include:


Research and Development

With more funds than ever invested in the research and development of renewable energy resources, this sector has expanded its workforce significantly. It has created jobs in several areas, leading to increased role availability for scientists, engineers and researchers. Employers in this sector are looking for skilled individuals dedicated to improving renewable energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Maintenance and Installation

Sectors like wind and solar energy have increased significantly in terms of demand in recent years. With that increase comes the need for skilled electricians, engineers and construction workers to install and maintain renewable energy infrastructure such as solar panels and wind turbines.


With increased demand across a range of renewable energy sectors including solar, wind and hydropower, manufacturing plants have had to increase capacity and output. This has led to the creation of jobs for those with manufacturing skills already under their belt.

Sales and Distribution

The promotion of renewable energy and the need to establish these new resources as the societal norm is incredibly important. This has highlighted the need for a more efficient sales and distribution network and thus has prompted the uprise in jobs available in marketing, sales and distribution for renewable energy products and resources.

Wherever your renewable energy skills or interests lie, the expanding job market is creating plenty of opportunities to choose from, all of which contribute to factors such as reduced environmental impact, energy efficiency and economic benefits.


Your Renewable Energy Career

As the renewable energy sector continues to expand and government initiatives push towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, renewable energy job availability will continue to increase.

This means plenty of opportunity for career growth – whether you’re just starting out on your renewable energy career path or are looking for a new challenge within your existing renewable energy skillset, now is an excellent time to discover your next renewable energy opportunity.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we match you to your perfect renewable energy role. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Recruitment team.

Jack Miller

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