What are the Career Opportunities for Aerospace Engineering?

What are the Career Opportunities for Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is an exciting, opportunity-filled field that gives skilled engineers the chance to explore many career paths, all centred around working on some of the most innovative, future-changing projects the aerospace industry has to offer.

As demand for new aerospace technology increases in the US and across the world, so does the demand for the next generation of outstanding engineers to propel the industry forward.

A career in aerospace engineering offers a wide range of benefits, including some of the best engineering salaries the industry has to offer. If you decide that a career in aerospace engineering is for you, you’ll also benefit from plenty of exciting career opportunities, job security due to the ever-expanding industry and the chance to work all over the world on projects that really do make a difference.

But what might your aerospace engineering career path look like?

Career Opportunities for Aerospace Engineering

If you’ve completed an aerospace engineering degree or apprenticeship, your journey has only just begun. There are several exciting aerospace engineering career paths you could choose to pursue, all offering incredible opportunities and challenges alike:

Materials and Structures

This sector is the backbone of the aerospace industry. Within this field, you’ll be tasked with working with a range of aircraft and spacecraft-specific materials to ‘provide strong but effective engineered solutions.’

You’ll be skilled in analysing data and performance and will be able to use these skills to assist in the design of new air and spacecraft.

The perfect role for those interested in aerospace engineering at a core level.


Moving into an aerodynamics-focused role will see you testing air and spacecraft designs to ensure they’re meeting aerodynamic specifications, as well as being involved in the initial design process to ensure all equipment is working at optimum levels.

You may even become involved in flight testing – an exciting and incredibly rewarding opportunity.


If aerodynamics isn’t where your interests lie, you may consider roles in propulsion.

As a propulsion engineer, your focus will be equipment including rocket motors, jet engines, and compressors. Your role will involve improving the performance of said equipment to ensure air and spacecraft are functioning at peak levels.

If you’ve previously enjoyed a more general aerospace engineering role but are looking to apply your knowledge and talents to a more specialised area of the aerospace industry, a career in Propulsion Engineering could suit you.


Your Aerospace Engineering Career

As you can see, a career in aerospace engineering can be an incredibly exciting one. There are plenty of opportunities to explore different areas of interest, and you can apply your specific skillsets and talents to a role that suits you.

Whether you’re interested in aerodynamics, propulsion, materials and structures or anything in between, a career in aerospace engineering is guaranteed to be a fulfilling one.

If you’re looking to kickstart your aerospace engineering career or are ready to move to the next rung on your aerospace engineering career ladder, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our aerospace recruitment team.

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