Skills for Manufacturing Resumes

Skills for Manufacturing Resumes

In an industry that employs around 12.3 million Americans and contributes approximately $2.3 trillion to the GDP, standing out can be a challenge. But with a tailored resume that highlights key skills, you can ensure you set yourself apart from the masses.

Your manufacturing resume is your opportunity to create an excellent first impression. From showcasing relevant manufacturing experience to highlighting soft and interpersonal skills, your resume should draw attention in all the right ways.

Try including some of the desirable skills below to ensure that’s the case:

Key Skills for Manufacturing Resumes

Technical Proficiency

Many roles in the Manufacturing Industry rely on your knowledge and understanding of technical machinery. In such a competitive industry, this skill needs to head up your resume, immediately indicating to employers that you’re proficient in the foundations of manufacturing and have existing skills upon which you can build as your career progresses.

If you’ve used specific types of machinery, tools, or software in previous roles, highlight your experience. For example, if you have experience with CNC machinery or 3D printing software, make this a focal point of your resume. Indicate how this experience will help you be successful in your role of interest.


Problem-solving is an essential skill in any industry, but particularly in manufacturing. Employers are looking for candidates who don’t just possess technical skills but can also think logically and critically to overcome problems with innovative solutions.

Highlighting your problem-solving skills in your resume will pinpoint you as an innovative candidate who is motivated by challenges, and able to see the bigger picture. If you’ve successfully solved relevant problems in the past, be sure to detail how your solution created a positive outcome.


The Manufacturing Industry is in a constant state of evolution. Technological advancements are being made all the time, and the role you’re applying for now may look very different in a year or two. That’s why the ability to adapt is an essential skill to include in your manufacturing resume.

Employers are looking for candidates who can progress with the industry, taking on new challenges in the process, while being willing to continually learn and evolve.

To make your resume stand out, share instances of successful adaptation in your previous roles.


The Manufacturing Industry is highly collaborative. Throughout your career, you’ll work with hundreds of different people and teams. Your ability to work with different types of people and collaborate on different levels will stand you in good stead for a successful manufacturing career.

Make sure to mention your teamwork and communication skills in your manufacturing resume. Perhaps you have led a team in the past or worked under a team leader. Detail your successful teamwork experiences to ensure you stand out to employers.

Specialist Skills

Of course, each manufacturing role is different and will require a very specific skill set. Ensure you read the role specification carefully and keep a focus on skills that are the most relevant to the role you desire.


Manufacturing Roles with Mackinnon & Partners

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