What are Jobs for Aerospace Engineers?

What are Jobs for Aerospace Engineers?

Qualifying as an Aerospace Engineer opens up a universe of opportunities when it comes to career pathways. From aircraft designs to data processing, software engineering to literal rocket science, aerospace engineers are eligible to take on some of the most exciting, challenging roles this industry has to offer.

According to the Aerospace Engineering Handbook, ‘aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, satellites, and missiles.’ They also ‘develop technologies for use in aviation, defence systems and spacecraft’ with a specific focus on areas such as ‘aerodynamic fluid flow; structural design; guidance, navigation and control; instrumentation and communication; robotics; or propulsion and combustion.’

Put simply, the aerospace industry is wide open and a role that utilises your skills and passions is waiting for you.

So, what jobs are out there for aerospace engineers?


What are Jobs for Aerospace Engineers?

Jobs for aerospace engineers vary greatly, depending on which area you’re most interested in pursuing. Below, we’ve detailed a few roles to demonstrate the scope of your aerospace engineering opportunities:


Mechanical Engineer

A more physical-focused role, becoming a mechanical engineer will see you research parts for aircraft, spacecraft and missiles to ensure they are as efficient as possible. Your main mission will be to develop new and exciting aerospace technologies that cater for the current and future needs of the industry overall.

Data Processing

Data processing deals less with the physical side of aerospace engineering and instead will see you working behind the scenes to ‘process data collected by in-flight simulations and determine how to use it to deploy new solutions and get them to market faster than ever before.’

This is an integral role within the industry and requires plenty of logical thinking and a keen eye for detail.

Accident Investigator

While aerospace technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, accidents will always be inevitable. An Accident Investigator within this industry will rely on their knowledge and ‘detective skills to investigate incidents in the air, from crashes to mechanical failures.’

This role requires exceptional knowledge of aerospace engineering to allow for an in-depth understanding of what went wrong, and how to avoid the same mistake in the future.


Mission Specialist

When it comes to aerospace, nothing is impossible. A background in aerospace engineering could even see you become a part of specialist crews on space missions, ‘currently to the moon or space stations.’

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and will allow you to really put your aerospace engineering knowledge and skills to the test.


What will your Aerospace Engineering Career look like?

As you can see, the aerospace industry offers a universe of opportunities to qualified aerospace engineers. Wherever your passions like and whichever skills you’ve perfected, there is a role out there waiting for you.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we help candidates find roles within the aerospace industry that will set their aerospace careers on exactly the right flightpath.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our brilliant recruitment team.

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