Renewable Recruiters | New Website

Renewable Recruiters | New Website

As Renewable Recruiters, we here at Mackinnon & Partners know how important it is to adapt and change with the times. Over the last few years, our business has grown, as has our candidate and client base, meaning we wanted to make some changes to reflect our progress.

Our brand-new website does exactly that. While still aligning with our steadfast values and mission, the new site encompasses more information for candidates and clients alike, as well as easier access to opportunities via our newly implemented Job Board.

So, what can you expect from the new Mackinnon & Partners website? And how can you use the new features to your advantage?


The Mackinnon & Partners Job Board

Perhaps the most beneficial addition to the website, for our clients in particular, is the Mackinnon & Partners Job Board. Here, you’re provided with easy access to a range of current job opportunities within our key sectors of specialism.

The page is updated regularly to reflect the changing job market, and each job title is linked to a full description and application options. Applying for your new role, whether it be in renewable energy, oil and gas or transmission and distribution, has truly never been easier.


New Features

Making things easier for both our candidates and clients was a real focus when the development of the new site was underway. From navigation around the site to access to all the information you could possibly need, your Mackinnon & Partners experience should be straightforward and simple from start to finish.

Our Client and Candidate pages have been updated, enabling you to learn more about our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) specialism and giving you an insight into how our processes work.

We’ve even integrated an easy-to-use Resume form, allowing you to upload your resume quickly and simply, ready for our recruiters to take a look at – an excellent tool to utilise if you’re struggling to find the right role match for you on our Jobs Board.

These new features combined provide you with a comprehensive overview of our Renewable Recruitment process, enabling you to feel secure in the knowledge that your career is in safe hands.


Changing Your Future

As we mentioned earlier, Renewable Recruitment, and recruitment processes in general, are all about adapting to change. What remains, however, are our values and our promise to you.

With over 40 years of industry experience racked up between our senior management, Mackinnon & Partners promises to match you with energy roles that change your career outlooks and, therefore, your future. We promise to change businesses by bringing in new talent. And, with your help, we promise to be a steadfast building block in changing the future by being a part of the renewable industry.


Find your New Role with Mackinnon & Partners

We’ve got our new website, now it’s your turn to discover something new.

To find your new renewable energy career, utilise our Jobs Board, upload your resume, or get in touch with our Renewable Recruiters here at Mackinnon & Partners.

Jack Miller

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