New Year, New Job?

2024 is fast approaching, and you may find yourself wanting to scratch that career itch you’ve been ignoring for a while. All the talk of resolutions, new goals and ambitions for the new year has got you considering whether a new role might be on the horizon for you.

Perhaps you’re feeling stunted in your current role, unable to progress, or simply want to challenge yourself and try something new.

If so, you’re in luck, because now is the perfect time to do just that.

While research shows that 1 in 5 people look for a new job in January, getting ahead of the rush and taking the plunge now will stand you in good stead for picking up the best roles.

Here’s why:

  • Less Competition – everyone waits until January to start looking and applying. Doing so now will provide you with more opportunities and less competition.
  • More Visibility – avoiding the January rush means your resume is more likely to land in front of your desired employer rather than get lost in the influx.
  • Faster hiring processes – an end-of-year budget surplus is your friend! Many employers are looking to hire professionals this side of Christmas to close off their budget for the year.

In short, don’t want! Start your new career search now to stay one step ahead of the masses. And if you’re stumped for career ideas, check these out…


New Year, New Job in…

Renewable Energy

If you’re on a quest to fulfil a meaningful role in your next career move, the Renewable Energy industry could be the right choice for you. As we move away from fossil fuels and push towards creating a more sustainable future, demand for skilled professionals in this area is higher than ever.

Whether your interests lie in wind or solar power, or you want to specialise in sectors like hydropower, there will be a Renewable Energy role to suit your skills and passions.

A job that shapes our future is guaranteed to fill that career void you’ve been feeling.



If you’re looking for a new challenge, a hands-on technical role in the Manufacturing industry could be for you. With so many sectors and specific roles to choose from, manufacturing career options are endless.

You may wish to learn new skills in production and engineering, or you could transpose your existing skills to fulfil a role in supply chain or project management.

Wherever your career has led you so far, a role in the manufacturing industry can provide the perfect next step.



The Aerospace industry is as vast as the universe it’s designed to explore. This means there are hundreds of roles to choose from, from building commercial aircraft to putting man on the moon.

One of the best benefits of a career in the Aerospace industry is the opportunity for career progression. Many Aerospace roles intertwine, meaning you can take your skills and move with them up the Aerospace career ladder, reaping more benefits as you go.

If your career has been feeling a bit stagnant lately, the opportunities for progression in Aerospace may sound appealing.


Your New Job

Whichever direction you decide to head in, Mackinnon & Partners can help.

Get in touch today to secure your new role for the new year.

Jack Miller

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