Renewable Energy Career Paths

The Renewable Energy sector is currently one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. With a vast and varied number of roles to fill, it’s the perfect career for ambitious workers who are invested in career development. 

In fact, according to Statista, there were approximately 12 million jobs in the renewable energy industry worldwide in 2020, having increased from 7.3 million in 2012. As thought leaders across the globe push for a cleaner approach to energy, that number is expected to continue increasing substantially.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see why progressing through the ranks in a renewable energy role is a highly lucrative career path to take. 

But what are your options if you’re looking to move to the next level in your renewable energy career? And how can you get there?

Take your Renewable Energy Career to the Next Level

With so many renewable energy career paths possible, it would be difficult to condense them into one article. However, by focusing on one sector, we can highlight the many opportunities for career development, from entry-level to advanced. 

Take the solar energy sector, for example:


At entry-level, you’ll likely have taken on titles like Solar Assembler or Basic Installer, with responsibilities including assembling and mounting photovoltaic systems. 


You can then carry over the skills you hone at entry-level into more mid-level roles.

For example, the knowledge taken on board in your entry-level role could allow you to oversee a team of Assemblers and Installers as a Solar Crew Chief. Your focus here would be coordinating a team, providing quality assurance and verifying safety procedures.

From here, you’d have the opportunity to progress further into a role like Solar Project Manager, meaning you’d be responsible for coordinating all workers and materials involved in a solar installation, including tasks like budgeting and time management. 


To push your career further, your mid-level experience as a Solar Project Manager would naturally enable you to take on a more advanced title, such as Solar Project Developer. 

A role like this – which includes responsibilities like combining the top sites and technologies to produce the most efficient solar energy solutions – pulls together the knowledge and skills previously developed in your career, allowing you to manage complex solar projects successfully.

Developing your solar energy career is all about natural progression – something that the renewable energy industry lends itself to perfectly.

For more information on solar career paths, click here.

Your Renewable Energy Career Path 

With motivation and ambition behind you, progressing through the ranks of a renewable energy career can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll relish in the natural progression of your skills and knowledge, enabling you to succeed in each role you take on.

Here at Mackinnon and Partners, we help you find your perfect career in renewable energy. 

Whether you’re looking for entry-level roles in Energy Storage or Wind Energy or want to take on an advanced title in Transmission and Distribution or IT, please get in touch.

Jack Miller

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