Back to Work Blues | Considering a Career Change

Back to Work Blues | Considering a Career Change

The transition from happy hour cocktails around the pool to 3pm pick-me-up coffee in the office can be jarring at the best of times. But if you’ve fallen out of love with your job, a week away can give you a bad case of the back to work blues upon your return.

According to research, post-summer vacation is the most common time for people to start considering other career options available to them. Job searches are driven up during the lull between the tail-end of summer and the beginning of fall, and more and more people report feeling dissatisfied with their role.

In fact, according to a survey, ‘52.7% of workers start looking for a new job after they return from a summer vacation.’

But what causes this influx in back to work blues? And what can you do about it if you find yourself feeling the same way?


The Cause of Back to Work Blues

Life at work is stressful. No matter your role or industry, you will encounter stress regularly. A vacation instantly removes that stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. That is, until your work return date starts looming.

You’re suddenly reminded of how those pre-vacation work stressors made you feel, and you find yourself scrambling for a solution that will help you avoid encountering those same stressors again. Hence, the new job search.

We search for new, exciting, engaging roles that will enable us to hold onto that refreshed feeling we grew accustomed to in our time away from work. And while this may seem like a difficult challenge to overcome, it definitely isn’t a bad thing!

We humans aren’t built to carry out one role for our entire lives. We’re complex beings with a constant desire to grow and change, and we should grab that desire with both hands.

So, if the back to work blues have got you daydreaming about a career change, consider this…


A New Direction?

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we help you segue into careers that are fulfilling and engaging and won’t leave you counting down the days until your next beach retreat.

Our team of recruiters can help you transition into an exciting career in the following industries:


Renewable Energy

If you’re looking for a role with more purpose and meaning, dedicating your time to protecting the future of our planet is about as good as it gets. Explore exciting careers in wind or solar energy here.



If a hands-on role appeals to you or you’d like to try your hand at senior roles like Project Management, explore our Manufacturing career options here.



From designing commercial aircraft to helping put man on the moon, Aerospace careers are as vast as the universe they’re designed to explore. Discover our multitude of Aerospace careers and roles here.

Career Changes with Mackinnon & Partners

Back to work blues aren’t uncommon, but if they stem from feelings of unfulfillment or lack of motivation in your current career, it could be time for a change.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment team who will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Jack Miller

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