People want updates, they like being kept in the loop, with a phone call or email when the employer goes quiet and, of course, feedback on interview performance. We at Mackinnon & Partners keep in contact with candidates regularly when working on a role together.


If the candidate isn’t suitable for a role, they want to know the truth. They do not want to be put forward for something they won’t get, and they want to know what the real update was from the client. We expect candidates to be honest with us and it’s a two way street.

To feel valued

Candidates appreciate that recruiters represent both the employer and themselves, but they want to feel equal in the process and not just a commodity We consult with the candidate throughout the whole journey.


Candidates feel much more comfortable when they understand the client’s recruitment process from start to finish and the timescales involved. If things are taking longer than they should be, then we will try and find out why.

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