Are Green Jobs the Answer to Climate Change?

Are Green Jobs the Answer to Climate Change?

With the climate crisis more prevalent than ever and net zero targets looming in the near future, green jobs are becoming an integral part of the solution.

By growing green industries and expanding on green collar workforces, the opportunities for taking steps towards preserving our planet increase, allowing us to imagine a world where climate change is no longer such an imminent threat. 

But are green jobs really the answer to climate change? And could you be a part of building a greener future? 

What are Green Jobs? 

Before deciding whether green jobs are the answer to climate change, it’s essential to understand what these jobs look like. 

According to Green Square, green jobs – or green collar jobs – are defined as ‘any employment within the environmental sectors of the economy. Jobs in green energy might be anything from a renewable energy installer to a woodland ranger to a green energy consulting firm.’ 

Sectors in renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydropower boast a multitude of job opportunities, as do newer industries like the electric vehicle industry that will be searching for skilled workers to help keep up with increased demand. 

In short, green jobs allow industries dedicated to decreasing the impact of climate change to function effectively. 

Are Green Jobs the Answer to Climate Change? 

While it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to the question above, it’s clear that green jobs do and will continue to impact climate change in the future. 

For example, in order to make the transition away from fossil fuels as successful as it needs to be, green jobs are required to allow new green projects, policies, and goals to be fulfilled. Without an expanding green job sector, the workforce simply wouldn’t be big or powerful enough to make the changes we need to see to curb climate change’s impact in the coming decades. 

As well as allowing for a shift to the use of renewable energy, green jobs also force businesses to acknowledge their social responsibility and potentially make changes to the way their business runs. Greening traditional jobs has become a popular way to support climate change. This includes altering traditional job processes to reduce reliance on fossil fuels or reduce energy consumption overall. 

Green jobs are designed to achieve goals like protecting ecosystems, improving raw material efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Without them, reducing the impact of climate change wouldn’t be impossible, but it would be much harder to achieve. 

Be Part of the Answer to Climate Change 

The promise of being able to play a small part in the solution to climate change makes green jobs an attractive choice for workers across the country and around the world. 

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we help you find your perfect Renewable Energy role. Whether you’re looking to get started in the solar industry or want to try your hand at hydropower project management, we can help. 

For more information and to kickstart your green job journey, please get in touch. 

Jack Miller

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