Are Manufacturing Jobs in Demand?

The manufacturing industry is one that is rapidly expanding due to new technologies and innovative ideas being explored. 

Gone are the days when a career in manufacturing meant physically challenging factory work or an option reserved for low-skilled workers. The modern manufacturing industry is highly technical, future-focused and looking for skilled workers to take on some of the vital roles that contribute to its success. 

But why are manufacturing jobs so in demand? And what could a career in manufacturing look like for you? 

Why are Manufacturing Jobs in High Demand? 

As we mentioned above, the manufacturing industry is evolving. We’ve moved on from simple factory work to processes that involve highly technical, data-based machinery. The introduction of AI and future-focused projects like electric vehicles mean that the skills once needed for a successful career in manufacturing are no longer enough. 

These new technologies have caused a significant skills gap within the industry: a gap that manufacturing companies across the US are desperate to fill. 

Goodwin University highlights this issue, saying; ‘Manufacturing jobs are on the rise, yet companies are struggling to find skilled candidates to meet the growing demand.’

In fact, up to ‘89% of executives in the US manufacturing sector report a talent shortage, which is 5% higher than in 2015.’ 

While this may be causing issues for the manufacturing industry as a whole, what it means for you is a wide-open field of opportunities and roles waiting to be fulfilled. 

Your Manufacturing Career 

A career in manufacturing not only allows you the opportunity to choose from a range of in-demand roles, but it also provides you with some incredibly sought-after benefits: 

1 – Competitive Salaries 

Because of the skills gap and the difficulty filling roles, employers are offering higher wage packets to entice skilled workers into the industry. This stands you in an excellent position to kickstart your manufacturing career and progress through the ranks without concern over salary.

2 – An Opportunity to Utilise your Existing Skills 

Roles within the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, for example, allow workers to utilise and build on existing skills to really be successful in their role. 

Whether a more physical role or one that allows for the handling and understanding of data, a role in manufacturing means your transferable skills are incredibly valuable to employers.

3 – Job Security 

Despite its difficulty in closing the skills gap, the manufacturing industry isn’t going anywhere. More technology means more manufacturing opportunities, meaning your manufacturing role will always be necessary. 

And, of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to move through the ranks as your skills develop further. 

Manufacturing Careers with Mackinnon & Partners 

Manufacturing careers aren’t for everyone, and it can take time to get past negative perceptions if you’ve considered this role in the past. But the industry is changing. It’s innovative, it’s technology-based, it’s data-driven, and your skills could make you a stand-out candidate for a manufacturing role. 

For more information on manufacturing careers and where yours could take you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mackinnon & Partners team.

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