Where are the Most Renewable Energy Jobs?

Where are the Most Renewable Energy Jobs?

Renewable energy is opening up hundreds of thousands of job opportunities across the world.

In the US alone, the renewable energy sector currently employs 777,000 people – around the same number as the infamously well-populated telecommunications sector. A new workforce is rapidly being cultivated by the renewable energy industry, with numbers only set to grow over the next few years and beyond.

But with the renewable energy industry branching out into many sectors, which of these offer the most career opportunities? And which of those opportunities might be right for you?

The Growth of the Renewable Energy Sector

Due to an increased demand for sustainable energy and efficiency technology, the renewable energy sector is bigger than ever. An array of policies has given the industry the boost it needed, and now recruitment is at an all-time high.

Take the solar and wind sectors, for example. These sectors saw some of the most rapid growth out of all renewable energy areas in the space of a year, totaling an increase of 24.6%. According to Environmental Defense Fund, ‘solar and wind energy jobs outnumber coal and gas jobs in 30 states.’

But if you’re looking to embark on a career in the renewable energy industry, two sectors are currently at the top of the list where sheer volume or job opportunities is concerned:

Bioenergy and solar power.


Biofuels – created from biological carbon sources – are primarily used to heat homes and power vehicles.

The bioenergy sector has so far provided 3.58 million jobs, meaning this is currently where the most renewable energy jobs lie. This is due to difficulties surrounding biomass production – it means a collaborative effort across labs, universities, and industry to cultivate sustainable solutions. This, in turn, creates a wide range of job opportunities.

From microbiologists to chemists, agricultural specialists to engineers, roles in the bioenergy sector are varied and plentiful.

Solar Power

Solar power is not far behind the bioenergy sector when it comes to the number of jobs available. Again, the jobs created by this sector so far are hovering just under the four million mark, making it an extremely appealing career path for those interested in entering or progressing in this industry.

As with bioenergy, the vast array of projects relating to solar energy makes for equally varied job opportunities. These include solar PV installers, solar site assessors, software engineers, scientists, solar service technicians, and many more.

Solar power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sectors, and it’s also responsible for creating millions of renewable energy careers – one of which might be the right fit for you.

Your Renewable Energy Career

Both the bioenergy and solar power sectors offer a range of varied, fulfilling, and exciting roles for you to take on. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career in a biomass laboratory or want to get out and about as a solar panel installer, the options are endless.

Here at Mackinnon and Partners, we help you find your perfect renewable energy career. Get in touch today.

Jack Miller

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