Is Manufacturing a Good Career?

If you’re considering a career in manufacturing, you’ll be thinking over the pros and cons. Is it a good career? Will it pay well? Will I be able to progress through the ranks?

All valid questions when deciding which career path is best for you.

A career in manufacturing offers those benefits in spades. Whether you’re focused on excellent salary, or a career filled with exciting projects, manufacturing could be for you.

Here’s why:

What does a Career in Manufacturing Offer?

Competitive Salaries

While money isn’t the be-all and end-all, it is extremely important to consider salary prospects when faced with a career path choice.

Luckily, salaries within the manufacturing industry are competitive and gain traction as your skills progress. This is largely due to manufacturing jobs being so in demand. Following the Covid-19 fallout, there are more manufacturing roles to fill than ever before. This has meant that employers are willing to pay more to fill those roles with skilled, hardworking candidates. Currently, the average salary for manufacturing roles stands at approx. $39,000, with the scope to increase as time goes on.

This demand has also resulted in excellent benefits that come with a career in manufacturing, including paid time off, health insurance and ample retirement funds.

Therefore, in terms of pay and benefits, manufacturing is an excellent career to pursue.

Opportunity for Career Development

When considering what a ‘good’ career may look like, many people take into consideration the opportunity for career progression.

With a career in manufacturing, the risk of stunted career growth is next to nothing. As you gain more skills, you’re able to move up the ranks and eventually fulfil exciting roles in management positions. Manufacturing roles also allow for easy shifting from one role to another.

If you started in an Inventory role in the food production sector, for example, nothing is stopping you from progressing into similar or more advanced roles in the automotive sector.

So many of the skills you obtain in your first manufacturing role are transferable, meaning the opportunities for career development really are endless.


A Fulfilling Career

A good career is a fulfilling one. One in which you can be passionate about the work you’re carrying out, and see that work having an impact outside of your role.

Manufacturing is everywhere. It underpins almost every industry, and every sector, and is filtered down into the real world where it makes a real difference. You could be working on vehicles that will change the face of transportation forever. You may be involved in the development of pharmaceutical developments that will impact hundreds of lives.

If you’re looking for a career that allows you to see the fruits of your labour in the most rewarding way possible, a career in manufacturing could be the perfect choice for you.

Your Manufacturing Career

A career in manufacturing could be an incredibly lucrative and fulfilling choice. If you’re looking to kickstart your manufacturing career and are on the hunt for your perfect role, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mackinnon & Partners team.

Jack Miller

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