Aerospace Career Paths

Aerospace Engineering is an incredibly popular career choice. Not only does this career allow for participation in exciting and innovative projects, but it also opens up an abundance of future career opportunities.

But what does an aerospace engineer do? And which career path could it see you following?


What is an Aerospace Engineer?

In simple terms, an aerospace engineer determines what air or spacecraft must be made of to allow for optimal functioning. Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing, developing and testing air and spacecraft, utilising a range of skills including mathematical thinking and material and structural analysis.

Because of the breadth of skills required to be a successful Aerospace Engineer, other career opportunities that utilise similar skills are quickly unlocked.

Let’s take a look at some of the career paths you could be taking after successfully fulfilling an Aerospace Engineering role…


Aerospace Career Paths

Aerospace Engineering opens up a world of opportunities. Below are just some of the roles you could take on:

1 – Systems Engineer

A Systems Engineer takes on a more technology-based role within a similar field, looking into the design and development of IT systems that support the aerospace manufacturing field. This is a perfect role for those who are data-driven and have a love of technology. Salaries within this field are competitive, and projects are exciting.

2 – Engineer Manager

An Engineer Manager takes the skills honed as an Aerospace Engineer and applies them to larger projects, overseeing a team of engineering specialists. You’ll move up the pay scale with this role, and it’ll enable you to put your leadership skills to the test.

3 – Manufacturing Engineer

A manufacturing engineer focuses on the improvement of manufacturing systems, ensuring they are functioning optimally and are cost-effective. This role allows you to continue working within the aerospace industry, or look further afield to other manufacturing opportunities.

4 – Senior or Lead Engineers

If you’re enjoying your time in the aerospace industry, you may simply wish to progress to a more senior engineering role. Senior and Lead engineers oversee aerospace engineering projects, managing large teams. You’ll be successful in this role if you can showcase excellent thought-leadership skills.

5 – Aviation Sales

With your extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry, you may wish to move away from physical labour and progress into a customer-facing role in aviation sales. This role calls for excellent communication and organisation skills and is perfect for those with great people skills.

6 – Aviation Education

Many successful Aerospace Engineers choose to share their knowledge of the industry through an education role. They take on the responsibility of training those that are new to the industry.

Your Aerospace Career

Embarking on an Aerospace Engineering career opens up a world of opportunity. With so many career paths to follow, you can utilise your unique skills to carve out an exciting, innovative, lucrative career that speaks to your passions.

For more information on our Aerospace recruitment process or to find out more about where your Aerospace Engineering career could take you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jack Miller

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