What Degree Should I Get to Work in Renewable Energy?

What Degree should I get to Work in Renewable Energy?

Having ambitions to work in the Renewable Energy industry is a brilliant thing. Not only will your future role fulfil you professionally, but you’ll also have the privilege of being a part of a movement that hopefully will change the outlook for our planet and generations to come. 

Thinking ahead and underpinning your ambitions with the correct studies will play an essential role in the future success of your Renewable Energy career. But, with so many degree options out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. 

To begin with, consider the area of the Renewable Energy industry that you’re most interested in. Will your future role be science-based or more technical? Are you looking to work with figures, or would you prefer and more hands-on role? 

Once you’ve established this, it’s time to look into degrees that will catapult you into the career you crave. 

Take a look at the example degrees below to give you an idea of what you could and should be studying: 

Renewable Energy Degree Options 

Mechanical and Engineering 

If you’re interested in the more technical side of the Renewable Energy sector, a Mechanical or Engineering based degree could be the right choice for you. A degree in this area will underpin your knowledge of the physical workings of renewable energy equipment, allowing you to pursue a career that contributes to developing resources like wind farms and solar panels. 


It goes without saying that a degree in a Science based subject will give you a considerable advantage when embarking on your Renewable Energy career. Consider a degree in Chemistry or Biology or, better still, Biochemistry to underpin your knowledge of energy on a molecular level. This could see you fulfilling a lab-based renewable energy role in the near future. 

Environmental Studies 

A degree in Environmental Studies will, of course, prepare you well for a career in Renewable Energy. You’ll study the environment as a whole, our impact on it and the change a shift to renewable energy will bring about for future generations. An Environmental Studies degree will stand you in good stead for a successful Renewable Energy career. 


Similarly to Environmental Studies, a degree in Sustainability will enlighten you to the world of renewable energy and its importance. This understanding will make you an excellent candidate for a career in Renewable Energy and could lead to roles in Data Analysis or Project Management. 

Start your Renewables Career with Mackinnon & Partners 

Gaining a degree relevant to Renewable Energy will make you a standout candidate when it comes to applying for roles. But don’t panic if your degree doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about the industry – that’s what a Role in Renewables is for. Once you’ve embarked on your career, you’ll constantly learn new skills and build on existing ones to carve the Renewable Energy career path you’ve been striving for. 

If you’ve taken the leap and you’re already studying for your Renewable Energy career, get in touch with Mackinnon & Partners to find your very first Renewable Energy role. 


Jack Miller

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