Construction Jobs Recruitment Agency

Construction Jobs Recruitment Agency


Here at Mackinnon & Partners, our expertise lies in the appointment of top-tier candidates required to fill a range of roles across the Construction industry.

From Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms to General Contractors and developers, we source, screen and select candidates of the highest quality to meet your recruitment needs.

To give you an idea of how we support both candidates and clients within the construction sector, take a look at our process for filling a range of roles across the construction industry…


Construction Jobs Recruitment Process

Project Management Whether you’re a company looking to appoint your next Project Manager for an upcoming construction undertaking or a candidate on the hunt for a new Project Management challenge, Mackinnon & Partners can help.

We work with clients and candidates alike to fill Project Management roles that require proven project management expertise, strong leadership capabilities and the ability to work effectively under pressure.

As a client, you’ll benefit from our hand-picked talent pool, as well as our expertise in successfully appointing numerous top-quality Project Managers for construction companies. As a candidate, you’ll experience an efficient, streamlined recruitment process with a team that champions your unique Project Management expertise to place you in a best-fit role, supporting you in taking the next step in your construction career journey.

Health, Safety and Environment Professionals

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) professionals play a crucial role in all construction projects, meaning the appointment of top-tier talent is more important than ever when it comes to fulfilling these roles.

As experts in the construction recruitment process, we understand the strict attention to detail a role in HSE requires, and the diligence with which it must be carried out. This knowledge allows us to work with candidates to select highly skilled individuals, boasting an in-depth knowledge of safety regulations, as well as a steadfast commitment to fostering a safe work environment.

For clients, we’ll showcase your HSE expertise to match you to a role within an organisation that will greatly benefit from what you have to offer, and vice versa.


Appointing a skilled Foreman holds many benefits for construction projects, including optimised workflow, efficient resolution of technical challenges and the promotion of a positive culture among team members.

These benefits are why it is so important to match the right Foreman candidate to the right construction project or organisation.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we work closely with candidates and clients to source, screen and select top-quality foreman candidates.

As candidates, we’ll work to highlight your skills in leadership, blueprint expertise and technical proficiency to match you to a role that makes the most of your talents. As clients, you’ll benefit from the appointment of a skilled Foreman who has been selected specifically to meet your unique requirements.

Construction Recruitment with Mackinnon & Partners

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, our mission is to connect with top-tier clients and candidates across the Construction sector to successfully fill as many roles as possible. For more information on our Construction Recruitment process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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