Is Sustainable Energy a Good Career?

Is sustainable energy a good career choice?

The sustainable energy industry is on the rise. With Governments globally investing in the sector in an effort to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the coming years, job opportunities are plentiful and varied. 

In fact, according to IRENA, ‘renewable energy employment worldwide reached 12 million in 2020.’ When taking into consideration the forecast from their World Energy Transition Outlook, it’s predicted that this number will rise to 43 million by 2050.

From these numbers alone, it’s clear to see that a career in renewable energy will be a secure one, but will it be a good one? Will it provide an opportunity for progression? Will it pay well? And, most importantly, will it be personally rewarding? 

Why A Sustainable Energy Career is a Good Career

There are a variety of reasons as to why a career in sustainable energy is a good choice, but, as with any job, there are three areas that we all strive to fulfil: stability, financial security and personal fulfilment. 

A Stable Sustainable Energy Career 

When looking at the bigger picture, the sustainable energy industry is just at the beginning of its journey. In the years to come, society as we know it will grow to adapt to a more sustainable way of living, and we’ll rely on the renewable energy sector as our primary source of energy. 

Choosing a career in renewable energy stands you in an industry that is only set to grow. You’ll be provided with plenty of opportunities to progress through your renewable energy career path – from beginner to advanced – secure in the knowledge that your job is one of the most critical in the world and won’t be going anywhere fast. 

A Financially Secure Sustainable Energy Career 

The stability of a renewable energy career, of course, feeds into the financial security that comes with your job. As recruiting renewable energy specialists across a variety of sectors is so high on the global priority list currently, it means that investment is also at an all-time high. 

You’ll find that renewable energy jobs are well-paid, with the intention of attracting and maintaining a highly-skilled, dedicated workforce. As an example, the average renewable energy salary in the USA currently stands at $94, 298 / year.

Opportunities for career development will also provide opportunities for increased pay.

A Personally Fulfilling Sustainable Energy Career 

As indicated by Totempool, ‘renewable energy sources such as solar energy and offshore wind will play a critical role in the future of the world’s energy production’. 

Choosing a career in sustainable energy means being part of an industry dedicated to saving and restoring our planet. You’ll be involved in projects that will have a global impact for generations to come, making sustainable energy one of the most personally rewarding career choices to date. 

Sustainable energy isn’t just a good career choice. It’s a promise of lifelong job stability, financial security and personal fulfilment. 

To find your perfect sustainable energy role, please get in touch with Mackinnon & Partners. 

Jack Miller

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