Career Pathways into Renewable Energy

Career Pathways into renewable energy

Career pathways into renewable energy are plentiful and varied. And, the good news is, you’ve probably already honed many of the skills required to carve out a successful career in the Renewable Energy sector.

‘There are many options available when it comes to Renewable Energy careers,’ experts suggest, ‘and you’re likely to find a way of contributing, regardless of your background.’ From research to architecture, finance to project management, there really is a renewable energy role out there for everyone.

So, which career pathways make for a simple segue into Renewable Energy? And which Renewable Energy role could be the perfect next step in your career?


Renewable Energy – Relevant Career Pathways


Research and Development

Despite its unprecedented growth over the last few years, the renewable energy industry is still in its early stages – believe it or not! Government initiatives and a push for net zero continue to drive its expansion.

Behind that expansion lies a plethora of roles in Research and Development, all focused on the advancement of renewable energy technologies. If your skills lie in data analysis, technology development or research more generally, this will allow for a seamless segue into a career in renewable energy.


Project Management

As with all industries, project management plays a key role in development and progress. Where the renewable energy industry is concerned, this involves overseeing and managing anything from new wind turbine sites to the building of energy-efficient homes and everything in between.

If you’re already proficient in managing large-scale projects, budgets and teams, the renewable energy industry could be an exciting choice for you to specialise in.


Policy and Advocacy

Government initiatives are currently the real driving force of the expansion of the renewable energy industry. As we work against time to reduce our carbon emissions, it is those with roles in Policy and Advocacy that become integral to the success of these new initiatives.

In a renewable energy-focused policy or advocacy role, you’ll be tasked with conducting research, developing legislation, and promoting policies with renewable energy deployment at their core. Having an existing background in research or law means you’re already on the right career pathway for a role in renewable energy Policy and Advocacy, should you wish to specialise.  


Energy Consultancy

Energy Consultancy is an excellent starting point if your end goal is to transition to a role within the renewable energy sector. At its core, this role focuses on sourcing energy inefficiencies and developing initiatives to reduce that inefficiency and, therefore, resource usage.

With the skills and knowledge already acquired in a role in energy consultancy, you’ll be well-versed in energy efficiency and able to transfer these skills to a role in renewable energy, sharing your knowledge on how best to conserve our fossil fuel resources by utilising renewable energy forms.


Your Renewable Energy Role

Career pathways into Renewable Energy don’t have to be linear. If you’re on a different career pathway currently and would like to transition to a role in Renewable Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jack Miller

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