Manufacturing Career Opportunities Today

Manufacturing Career Opportunities Today

Almost every industry in the world requires manufacturing processes of some kind.

In today’s job market, advancements in technology and automation mean roles within the manufacturing industry are more exciting, forward-thinking and varied than ever before, offering a range of positions for individuals at any stage of their career path.

But what manufacturing career opportunities are out there today? And which one of them could be yours?

Manufacturing Career Opportunities Today

Manufacturing careers can be split cleanly into categories, either into their six main clusters or by association with the plant.

The six main manufacturing clusters are:

  • Production
  • Manufacturing Production Process Development
  • Logistics and Inventory Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance
  • Maintenance, Installation and Repair

As suggested by their titles, each of these sectors offers opportunities to differing skill sets, allowing you to choose a career path that best speaks to your passions and still has manufacturing at its core, regardless. And, of course, each cluster offers a range of subcategories for you to specialise in.

To really delve into some of the manufacturing career opportunities available today, however, it’s important to look closely at individual roles. These roles, as aforementioned, are split into two: Inside the Plant and Outside the Plant.


Manufacturing Career Opportunities Inside the Plant

Careers inside the plant tend to be technical, hands-on roles associated with production at one end of the scale or repair on the other. Examples of roles within this category are:

Production Line Workers

Individuals choosing this career path will be responsible for assembling and packaging products. Operating machinery plays a large part in this role, as does inspecting products for quality assurance. Attention to detail will be an asset in this role.


Working inside the plant, engineers ‘play a crucial role ensuring proper and adequate layout of the space along with product optimisations.’

While not directly involved with production, an engineering role sees you working closely with the products and other departments to ensure optimum efficiency.

Manufacturing Careers Outside the Plant

Roles outside of the plant tend to move away from hands-on tasks and look more towards the analytical, logistical side of manufacturing. For example, roles that will focus your manufacturing career outside the plant include:

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics coordinators are tasked with overseeing the passing of goods quickly and efficiently through the supply chain, with a focus on tracking shipment progress and managing the flow of goods and materials. This role requires high levels of organisation and exceptional problem-solving skills.

Quality Assurance Manager

In this role, you’ll be responsible for ensuring goods meet identified quality standards before being released to consumers. You’ll have excellent analytical skills and will need strong communication skills to relay issues back to other departments.


Manufacturing Opportunities with Mackinnon & Partners

While these are just a few examples of what your manufacturing career could look like, it’s clear to see that exciting opportunities are plentiful, no matter what kind of manufacturing skillset you possess.

For more information on kickstarting your Manufacturing Career, please get in touch.

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