Why Manufacturing Jobs are Important

The manufacturing industry has always been a strong pillar underpinning the workings of our economy, but in recent years, this strength has been put in jeopardy. With more and more technology becoming available, manufacturing roles aren’t as abundant as they once were.

However, the manufacturing industry and the roles within it remain an integral part of our society; one which we must maintain.

The first step to maintaining a valuable manufacturing industry is understanding its importance overall, and how your manufacturing role could make a difference.


The Importance of the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry holds value for many parts of society and is an incredibly important part of the bigger picture. Here’s why:

  1. Economic Growth

The manufacturing industry works wonders for economic growth. In fact, manufacturing actually accounts for 12% of the U.S. economy, meaning any dents to the industry as a whole will have a knock-on effect on the economy as well.

Technology, machinery and skilled workers mean manufacturing productivity is higher than most other industries, making economic turnaround quick and impactful.

  1. Manufacturing Underpins Services

While the services and manufacturing industries are two separate entities, they are intertwined by their reliance on one another. A solid manufacturing industry that is productive and growing means the service industry is able to thrive. This has a positive impact on society as a whole and really solidifies the importance of the manufacturing industry.

  1. Manufacturing Creates Jobs

In an era where unemployment has been at its highest, the economy has relied on the recruitment of new manufacturing workforces to keep things steady. As technology progresses, more and more skilled workers are required.

Whether they’re engineers, technicians, data analysts, project managers or anything in between, manufacturing breeds manufacturing. A process which can only mean positive things for society as a whole.


The Importance of Manufacturing Jobs

As detailed above, manufacturing is a vital cog in the economic machine, which means filling manufacturing roles is more important than ever.

Fulfilling a manufacturing role allows this industry to beat the downward trend and thrive once more. The manufacturing skills you obtain now will help to see us through new technological advancements, increases in manufacturing demand and economic storms.

If there was ever a time to secure a role in manufacturing, that time is now.


Your Manufacturing Role

Manufacturing roles are varied and exciting, offering competitive salaries, innovative opportunities and plenty of room for career advancement.

You may be drawn to roles in Automotive production or Aerospace Engineering. You may have honed skills as a Quality Inspector or Process Operator. You may even be looking to further your career after previous manufacturing roles, moving into titles such as Production or Project Manager.

Whatever Manufacturing Role you decide to fulfil, you can rest assured that you will play a vital role in the continuation of the manufacturing industry overall.

For more information on finding your perfect Manufacturing Role, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mackinnon & Partners.

Jack Miller

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