Skills Needed in the Energy Industry

Skills Required in the Energy Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the renewable energy industry employment rate is expected to grow by 3.7% in the next decade. This means the industry is relying on a new generation of expert renewable energy professionals to carry the industry through these next ten years of innovation, change, and a push towards net zero.

So, if you’re passionate about playing your part in curbing climate change and want to embark on a career in the renewable energy industry, what skills will make you a standout candidate?


Skills Needed in the Energy Industry

Technical Skills

A strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and engineering underpins many roles in the renewable energy industry. Possessing and building on these skills will stand you in excellent stead for carving out a successful career path in renewable energy. For example, your mathematics degree may make you an excellent candidate for a role in energy data analysis. Similarly, your skills in engineering may mean you’re able to take on a technical engineering role across a variety of exciting sectors.

While these skills aren’t essential if you’re starting in training programs, possessing them before embarking on a renewable energy career is an excellent advantage.

Environmental Knowledge

A developed knowledge of and passion for the environment is essential for a successful career in renewable energy. A large proportion of your daily life will be devoted to working on projects that aim to build a better future for our planet and generations to come. You will need to understand the responsibility of this and use your environmental knowledge to put forward innovative ideas for improving how our renewable energy systems work. This is a skill you will consistently build on during your time working in the renewable energy industry, but existing knowledge and natural curiosity are a must.

Data Analysis

Data analysis features in almost every sector across the renewable energy industry. Whether you’re a technical engineer working to improve the reliability of solar panels, a project manager overseeing a new wind turbine site, or a marketer working closely with sales, you’ll use data to inform the next step in your strategy.

Therefore, being able to understand and interpret renewable energy data and transform that data into action is an essential skill for anyone wishing to embark on a successful renewable energy career.


The renewable energy industry is constantly changing and evolving, meaning your career will too. Therefore, professionals in this area need to be able to adapt to and work with these changes. Resilience also plays a part. As with any industry, things don’t always go to plan. Your resilience skills here will mean you’re able to adapt and overcome to ensure the renewable energy industry continues to thrive.

Renewable Energy Roles with Mackinnon & Partners

Of course, this list of skills is not exhaustive. The renewable energy industry is vast, and no matter your skill set, there will be a role out there that plays to your strengths.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we help you find your perfect renewable energy role. Please get in touch for more info.

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