Which Energy Career Pathways Work with Renewable Energy?

Pathways to a Renewable Energy Career

As the Renewable Energy industry expands, you may be considering swapping out your role in traditional energy for one that focuses on sustainability.

If that’s the case for you, you’re already off to a head start. Many of the skills you will have gained and perfected in your current energy role are completely transferable to a wide range of renewable energy careers, making this segue feel like a natural progression.

So, which energy career pathways work well with renewable energy? And how can you go about finding your perfect renewable energy role?


Energy Career Pathways Perfect for Renewable Energy

The list of renewable energy roles open to you is extensive. If you’re already well established in one of the following energy career pathways, it’s time to take the leap…



As you’ll know, engineering covers a broad spectrum of roles and skills. Your current role as an engineer in the energy sector will have allowed you to hone skills in energy management, energy efficiency and conservation – all important aspects of renewable energy. This makes you an ideal candidate for specialist engineering roles in the renewable energy industry.


IT and Data Analysis

IT and data roles in the energy sector mean you’re already equipped with the necessary skills needed to transfer to an analytical or technology-focused role in the renewable energy sector. You should consider roles that will allow you to use your technological and data analysis skills to improve the performance of renewable energy systems.


Project Management

If you’re currently excelling in a project management role in the energy sector, you’re in an excellent position to take on a role in the renewable energy industry. Your skills in coordinating projects, managing timelines and setting and keeping to budgets will be an asset to, making you a standout candidate for a successful career in renewable energy.


Environmental Sciences

A current career in energy environmental sciences means you’re already halfway there when it comes to securing a role in renewables. You’ll be able to bring with you your expert knowledge, research skills and analysis capabilities to work on renewable energy projects that focus on minimising environmental impact.


Architecture and Design

Architects play an important role in the energy industry and an equally important one in the implementation of renewable energy projects. Your skills in designing projects for optimum energy performance will already be well-established, meaning a transition into the renewable energy sector will be a straightforward but exciting step up on your career ladder.


Finance and Investment

Financial skills are hugely transferable across energy sectors, making you a great candidate for a role in renewable energy. Your skills in attracting funding combined with your knowledge of the industry will make this transition a natural one.


Your Renewable Energy Role

There is a wide range of energy career pathways that make you an excellent fit for a role in renewable energy. To find a role that makes the most of your transferable skills, please get in touch with the team at Mackinnon & Partners.

Jack Miller

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