Careers for Aerospace Engineers

Careers for Aerospace Engineers

The Aerospace Industry encompasses a wide range of sectors and specialisms, meaning career opportunities for engineers are plentiful.

Whether you’re interested in designing commercial aircraft or testing unmanned vehicles, working on producing high-tech spacecraft to advance space exploration or have in-depth knowledge of the laws of aerodynamics, a career in Aerospace Engineering could be the perfect career match for you.

But with so many aerospace engineering career paths to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Check out some examples of exciting aerospace engineering careers below to help you decide which career path best speaks to your skills and passions…


Aerodynamics Engineer

An Aerodynamics Engineer is a title that encompasses a broad range of skills and responsibilities. While some aerodynamics engineers may choose to specialise in structures and controls, others may focus on analysis and the development of guidance law.

Wherever your speciality lies, a role as an aerodynamics engineer will see you utilising your mathematic and engineering skills to erect physical or virtual aircraft or spacecraft prototypes before they are tested against the spec. You’ll work with computer-aided design tools to ensure the designed aircraft and spacecraft are effective and efficient when up against real-world factors.

A career in aerodynamics is exciting and varied, offering plenty of opportunities for career progression.


Design Engineer

Design engineering does what it says on the tin! As a specialist Design Engineer, you’ll be responsible for taking creative ideas and turning them into logical blueprints for aircraft and spacecraft that could function effectively in the real world.

Research will play a large part in this role, as will your knowledge of aerodynamics, and the laws and guidelines that come along with it. You’ll have an eye for design and an in-depth understanding of what already works well, and how existing systems can be improved. You’ll also need to be able to work effectively alongside your team – communication is key for a fully-functioning design!

Embarking on a career as a Design Engineer allows you to work closely with a range of departments whose focus will be on making your designs come to life – an incredibly rewarding experience.


Test Engineer

At the opposite end of the scale are Test Engineers. These skilled individuals will be responsible for testing designs and prototypes to ensure they function effectively in the real world. In this role, you’ll need strong analytical skills, allowing you to accurately interpret data and feedback concerns or issues to other departments.

You’ll be working with complex software models to test aircraft and spacecraft, as well as utilising real-world simulators like wind tunnels and test chambers.

An exciting role if you’re a data enthusiast looking for a fulfilling role in the aerospace industry.


Aerospace Careers with Mackinnon & Partners 

While these are just a few examples of career paths you could follow if you’re considering a career in aerospace engineering, there are quite literally thousands to choose from.

If you’re not sure where to start, Mackinnon & Partners can help. Please get in touch with our recruitment team to discuss your aerospace career options.

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