Nick Balée

Nick Balée

Mackinnon and Partners are pleased to welcome Nick Balée to the leadership team as Senior Vice President [Sales].

Nick is a seasoned recruiting professional with a passion for transforming businesses and individuals alike. With over a decade of experience in our industry, he has established himself as an expert in recruitment and sales, consistently delivering exceptional results for his clients.
Since 2014, he has been dedicated to connecting authentic candidates with the right opportunities, driven by a desire to change the landscape of his clients’ organizations.

Nick is an expert in identifying talent that others may overlook, effectively serving as a bridge between employers and top-tier candidates. This ability to uncover hidden gems has earned him a reputation for both helping businesses thrive and individuals achieve their career goals.

Nick comes to us to expand the footprint of Mackinnon and Partners in North America, leveraging his expertise to enable us to continue establishing a strong presence in this region

Outside his professional life, Nick enjoys spending quality time with his family, engaging in strategic games like chess, and exploring his passion for history.
Connect with Nick on LinkedIn to follow his journey at Mackinnon & Partners.
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