Why Aerospace Engineering?

Why Aerospace Engineering?

A career in aerospace engineering maps out an exciting path of innovative challenges and a broad range of opportunities. 

Whether you’re just discovering the world of aerospace engineering or are looking to progress your existing aerospace career, it’s important to understand the benefits this journey can provide.

Careers in aerospace, whether civil, commercial or Department of Defense offer a vast and diverse culture, as well as some of the most sought-after benefits the manufacturing industry has to offer. 

But what can a career in aerospace engineering look like? And what are the benefits of following this career path? 

What is Aerospace Engineering? 

Aerospace engineering refers to the ‘design, development, testing and production of aircraft, spacecraft and related systems and equipment.’ 

The role of an aerospace engineer is varied, but some of the exciting projects you may find yourself working on include;

  • Design and manufacturing of aircraft
  • Design and manufacturing of spacecraft
  • Design and manufacturing of propulsion systems, satellites or missiles
  • Testing of aerospace products 

So, if working for NASA has always been a dream, or you’re searching for a career that allows for the exciting marrying of creative and scientific skills, an aerospace engineering career could be for you. But what’s in it for you? 

The Benefits of a Career in Aerospace Engineering 

There are plenty of benefits to choosing or progressing through a career in aerospace engineering, but let’s explore some of the most appealing benefits below:

1 – Working with New Technology

For those of you looking for a career that engages your creative and scientific skills, a role in aerospace engineering will allow you to explore these areas in spades. 

You’ll be working with new, innovative technologies to find solutions to industry problems – an opportunity that is both incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

2 – Competitive Salary 

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for an aerospace engineer in the US currently sits at $104,775. Because of the nature of the role and the impact each role has on the wider industry, you can expect a competitive salary at any level, from beginner to expert. 

You’ll also likely be rewarded with other benefits. The aerospace industry is currently known for affording high rates of insurance coverage, paid time off and retirement planning services to its employees. 

3 – A Growing Industry 

The aerospace industry isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s only set to expand in the coming years. This not only gives you more opportunity to explore different aspects of your aerospace engineering career, but it also means reassurance where job security is concerned. 

Your role will be integral to the continued success of the aerospace industry, meaning there will be no need for concern over the longevity of your career. 

An Aerospace Engineering Career with Mackinnon & Partners 

With several rocket launches planned in the US in the coming year and new discoveries being made by NASA, there has never been a more exciting time to kickstart your aerospace engineering career. 

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we work closely with the aerospace and manufacturing industries to provide candidates with a wide range of exciting roles to choose from. 

To launch your aerospace engineering career with Mackinnon & Partners, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jack Miller

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