How Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs?

How Renewable Energy Creates Jobs 

Renewable energy isn’t just creating a more sustainable future for our planet; it’s also working to create millions of job opportunities worldwide. 

As of last year, there were approximately 12.7 million Renewable Energy jobs globally, with that number set to rise considerably in the coming years. In fact, an IRENA report suggests that ‘jobs related to renewable energy could reach 42 million by 2050 or 62% more than what has been planned today.’

According to the same report, the US, in particular, is seeing an increase in the number of Renewable Energy job opportunities available. Currently, ‘335,000 Americans work in the solar energy industry and more than 111,000 work in the wind industry.’ 

As Renewable roles overtake demand for fossil fuel, it’s clear to see that a career in Renewable Energy is an excellent choice.

But how is Renewable Energy having such a profound, positive impact on our job market? And could you be a part of the upcoming Renewables Workforce? 

How Renewable Energy Creates Jobs 

Support from Governments 

With 100% backing from governments around the world, the Renewable Energy sector is gaining substantial funding, allowing renewable energy companies to expand their horizons and, therefore, the scale of their projects. This means onboarding more Renewable Energy professionals to keep up with their growing goals. 

For example, as solar energy grows in popularity and thus receives more funding from governments across the globe, job opportunities also increase, with numbers currently standing at approximately 3,605,000

Increased Reliance on Renewable Energy 

As fossil fuels fall out of favour, businesses and communities across the world are beginning to rely more and more on the renewable energy industry to provide their power. 

Again, as demand for these energies increases, so does each sector and their need for more and more renewable energy experts. Opportunities in sectors like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biofuel and Hydropower are consistently on the rise. 

For example, the Hydropower sector currently employs approximately 2,054,000 people worldwide, with that number only set to increase.

Increased Demand for Professional Services 

Of course, as with any increasing sector, comes the need for more Professional Services experts. As well as Renewable Energy specialists, these sectors also require accountants, lawyers, marketing experts, financial advisors, and more to allow them to run successfully. 

Increased funding and demand for the Renewable Energy sector, in turn, increases demand for experts in these areas, again contributing to the ever-increasing job opportunities in the renewable energy sector. 

Becoming Part of the Renewables Workforce 

Put simply, the more we come to rely on Renewable Energy, the more Renewable Energy Job Opportunities will become available. 

Could you be a Solar PV panel installer or a Wind Turbine Technician? Financial Advisor or Hydropower Project Manager? The opportunities really are endless, and they’re only set to grow. 

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we match you to your perfect Renewable Energy career. For more information on becoming part of the Renewable Energy Workforce, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment team. 

Jack Miller

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