Aerospace Engineering Careers

Aerospace Engineering Careers

Aerospace Engineering Careers

If you’re looking for a career that puts you at the forefront of innovation, a career in Aerospace Engineering could be the perfect choice for you. This cutting-edge industry will provide you with the opportunity to work with exciting technological advancements that will change air and space exploration as we know it.

But what exactly does a career in Aerospace Engineering look like? And how can you find a role that plays to your skill strengths?


Aerospace Engineering Career Overview

The beauty of a career in Aerospace Engineering is that there are so many options to choose from and paths you could carve out for yourself. This highly specialized industry will allow you to choose from various sub-disciplines, including avionics, propulsion, and astronautics, to find a role that matches your unique skill set.

You’ll begin in structured training programs before finding your feet in a role that will allow your career to progress continuously over the coming years. You may even find yourself heading up projects in a Project Management or leadership role in the years to come.

But what benefits will you gain from a career in Aerospace Engineering?


Aerospace Engineering Career Benefits

Aerospace Engineering isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity for you to be a part of something that extends beyond humanity. A career in this area provides the following benefits, to name but a few:

Diverse Career Opportunities

From aircraft to spacecraft, moon landings to rocket launches, a career in Aerospace Engineering gives you the opportunity to work on exciting, innovative projects across a range of sectors.

Financial Security

Aerospace Engineering is one of the highest-paid engineering professions, with current salaries averaging around $104,421. This reflects the level of specialization required for a successful Aerospace Engineering Career.

Job Security

Aerospace Engineers are in frequent high demand, meaning you’ll feel secure in your role. You’ll also have the opportunity to progress up the ladder, with employers valuing ambition and a desire to lead.

Job Satisfaction

Innovation and technological advancements are at the forefront of the Aerospace Engineering industry. A role in this industry means constant progress, both in terms of the industry itself and your career.


Aerospace Engineering Career Paths

If you’re drawn in by the benefits of a career in Aerospace Engineering, consider specializing in the following areas:

  • Aircraft Design and Development
  • Spacecraft Design and Launch
  • Avionics and System Integration
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Structural Engineering

Each sector comes with its own set of benefits, offering plenty of opportunities for career progression and the chance to work on some of the most exciting projects the industry has ever seen.


Finding the Perfect Aerospace Engineering Role

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we work closely with Aerospace Engineering employers to match candidates to roles that best suit their skill sets and career ambitions. Whatever your current experience level, we help place you in a role that will allow your Aerospace Engineering skills to flourish.

For more information on how we can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment team.

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