What is a Manufacturing Career Cluster?

What is a Manufacturing Career Cluster?

A career cluster refers to a group of similar jobs working towards the same end goal. Where the Manufacturing Industry career cluster is concerned, this encompasses all the jobs that focus on turning raw materials into finished products ready for buyer consumption.

If you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, this cluster gives you access to a wide range of roles spanning various strains of the manufacturing process. Whether your interests lie in production or logistics, quality assurance or health and safety, there is something for everyone.

So, which career pathways make up the Manufacturing Career Cluster? And which one could be the right career choice for you?


The Manufacturing Career Cluster

The Manufacturing Career Cluster can be divided into six key pathways, each requiring a unique skill set and offering a range of opportunities. The first set of these pathways focuses on physical, hands-on skills.


Maintenance, Installation and Repair

In this pathway, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the machinery that makes the manufacturing world go round. You’ll be tasked with frequent testing of a wide range of machinery to determine faults or opportunities for improvement. You’ll also hone the technical skills that will allow you to update or repair machinery that isn’t quite up to scratch.

Production Process Development

If your skills lie in creativity and design, this could be the perfect pathway for you. You’ll be responsible for designing the goods that the industry produces, as well as the processes used to physically produce them. Whether you’re designing durable or nondurable goods, this is an exciting role that plays to your problem-solving strengths.


Roles in production require you to have the necessary skills to produce the goods themselves. This may be via machinery, or you may enjoy an even more hands-on approach if your skills lie in a specific trade. For example, glass workers, carpenters, or automotive workers will all excel in a role in production.


The other three pathways take a step-back from production itself, offering roles that instead oversee the process from start to finish.


Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance

In this role, you’re responsible for the safety of workers, machinery and workplaces. You’ll carry out continuous checks to ensure risk is at a minimum and all laws and regulations are being adhered to. This is an incredibly important role, underpinning every sector of the manufacturing industry – perfect for individuals who thrive on responsibility.

Inventory Control and Logistics

This role sees you working at either end of the production process. You’ll be responsible for the movement of raw materials and finished goods, working alongside buyers and suppliers to coordinate the movement of consignments.

Quality Assurance

In this role, your keen eye for detail will allow you to assess the quality of finished products before they’re made available for buyer consumption. An incredibly important step in the manufacturing process.


Your Manufacturing Role

The Manufacturing Career Cluster is varied and exciting. Get in touch with Mackinnon & Partners today to discover your perfect manufacturing role.

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