What Jobs are There in Renewable Energy?

What Jobs are there in the Renewable Energy Sector?

Jobs in the renewable energy sector are plentiful and varied, meaning the question should instead be ‘what jobs aren’t there in the renewable energy sector?’

No matter your background, renewable energy offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a hands-on, practical role like construction or engineering or something more data-driven like IT or finance, there are plenty of opportunities in the renewable energy sector that will allow you to utilise your best skills. 

But why are there so many options? And which specific options may be available to you? 

A Variety of Renewable Energy Career Options 

Renewable energy career options are so varied due to the vast range of skills required for each project. Alicia Green from Renewable Energy UK puts it like this: 

‘A single renewable energy project requires the contribution of people from a range of backgrounds and skillsets, from ecologists, planners and project managers to engineers, communications professionals, business developers and even helicopter pilots.’ 

So, whether you’re looking to utilize your management skills by overseeing renewable energy projects or rely on your trade as an engineer, there really is something for everyone.

To boost this variety further, there are also several sectors in which you can specialize. These include solar power, hydropower, wind, offshore, waste and recycling, and biomass – the list goes on! 

Choosing a career in the renewable energy sector means opening yourself up to a vast array of opportunities across a wide range of sectors, with plenty of room for advancement and progression. 

Specific Renewable Energy Careers 

While renewable energy careers are so varied, it helps to have a definitive list when deciding which renewable energy career option might be right for you. 

We can break down some renewable energy career options into the list of roles below: 

  • Business and commercial – for those wanting a customer-facing role 
  • Construction, engineering, and maintenance – for those with a more practical background 
  • Finance and IT – for those who are data-driven 
  • Law – the renewable energy sector is an excellent specialism for those already trained in law 
  • Management – for those looking to rise through the ranks of their renewable energy career
  • Skilled trades – electricians specifically are highly sought after in the renewable energy sector 

As well as being varied in terms of background and skillset, these roles also allow plenty of opportunities for progression. Many apprenticeships and internships are available for those just starting out, offering complete training. Or, for those who have already embarked on a renewable energy career, there are plenty of ways to move up the renewable energy career ladder.  

Finding your Renewable Energy Career

It’s clear to see that renewable energy careers are for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out as an apprentice engineer or looking to manage your next big project, the right renewable energy role is out there.

Here at Mackinnon and Partners, we work with you to decipher the right sector, role, and progression options for you.

For support in starting or progressing your Renewable Energy Career, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jack Miller

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