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The US Construction Industry is ever-evolving, and the demand for skilled workers is higher than ever. With opportunities only set to increase, now is the perfect time to progress your construction career, with several roles available across a variety of exciting sectors.

As a Construction Recruitment Agency with our finger on the pulse of emerging growth trends, we’ve highlighted a range of lucrative construction opportunities that could be the perfect fit for you. Check them out below…


Construction Areas of Growth

Green Construction

One of the fastest-growing sectors in construction is Green Building. As environmental protection becomes a top priority across the US, new initiatives are taking shape to enhance the progress of green construction.

This sector focuses on construction that prioritises efficiency and the use of sustainable materials to erect LEED-certified buildings, renewable energy installations and green infrastructure development.’

The desired acceleration of green construction projects means the demand for specialists in this sector of construction is high. From architects and engineers who specialise in sustainable building to tradespeople with an understanding of sustainable materials, the opportunities within this sector are plentiful.


Residential Construction

Where more traditional construction projects are concerned, residential construction demand is at an all-time high. As the population increases, so does the need for construction specialists who can use their skills to efficiently erect a range of residential buildings, from single-family homes to large condos.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an ‘8% growth in employment for residential construction labourers from 2020 to 20230,’ with carpenters, plumbers and electricians in particular demand. If your skills fall within this sector of construction, now is an excellent time to pursue a new role in residential construction.


Technology Integration

With each piece of new technology designed to aid construction projects comes the need for more skilled construction workers specialising in a range of technologies and digital tools. Robotics, drones and Building Information Modeling are fast becoming popular additions to construction projects, increasing efficiency and accuracy across the board.

This has led to industry experts predicting an ‘11% growth in employment for construction managers and a 24% growth for software developments from 2020 to 2030.’

If you’re already in the construction industry and are considering a segue into construction technology, there are plenty of opportunities available in this sector.


Infrastructure Development

Construction workers specialising in infrastructure development are frequently in demand. With infrastructure across the US in need of modernization and the addition of new infrastructure, more skilled workers are required than ever before.

In particular, project managers in this sector are highly sought after due to the range of infrastructure projects undertaken. If you’re interested in moving your construction career to the next level with a role in project management, a move into infrastructure development could be an excellent choice.


Find Construction Roles with Mackinnon & Partners

The growth of the construction industry across a range of sectors is inevitable and, in particular, those above are eagerly sourcing skilled candidates to undertake their next big construction project.

Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we work with you to source roles that match your skills and career desires, allowing for successful placement within the construction industry. For more information, please get in touch with our Recruitment Team.

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