Careers with Construction Management

Careers with construction management

What is Construction Management?

The term Construction Management spans a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. According the CIOB definition, ‘construction management is the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment through clients, organisations and individuals working together to meet the changing needs of our global society.’

From Project Engineering to Health and Safety Specialists, individuals skilled in Green Construction to BIM professionals, the roles that fall under construction management are varied and exciting.

To help you discover the right construction management role for you, let’s explore some in detail.


Careers with Construction Management

Project Engineer

Project engineers focus their attention on the technical and engineering side of construction management. They are responsible for ensuring that engineering principles are applied and carried out correctly, while also possessing skills in design review, technical support, problem-solving and coordination.

This is a multifaceted, engaging role, perfect for individuals with an interest in guiding a team through successful project execution.


Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants work alongside project engineers to promote green building practices and energy efficiency. Over the past few years, the demand for skilled individuals to fulfil these roles has skyrocketed – a direct impact of government initiatives to meet emission goals.

In a sustainability consultant role, you’ll ensure the usage of sustainable building techniques while ensuring all projects are in line with environmental guidelines and certificates. If you have a passion for sustainability and have an interest in advising construction projects, this could be a suitable role for your construction management career.


Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Managers are a critical component in construction management. They are responsible for protecting those working on construction projects, as well as ensuring all projects and buildings adhere to health and safety guidelines.

To be successful in a health and safety management role, you’ll need strong communication skills, the ability to hold an authoritative position and keen attention to detail. If you already possess those qualities, a role in health and safety management could be a good fit for you.

BIM Manager

Building Information Modeling Managers work closely with a range of construction management individuals and teams, including architects, engineers, clients and contractors.

Individuals undertaking a BIM Manager role will use construction software to produce 3D models, construction data and information, allowing for the accurate depiction of completed projects.

In this role, you’ll require outstanding technical skills and an overall understanding of construction projects and the information each party will require in order to carry out their role effectively. This is an exciting, in-demand role that could be the perfect match for your existing skills.  


Your Construction Management Role

Construction Management offers a vast job pool, with roles that utilise a wide range of skills. Here at Mackinnon & Partners, we work closely with candidates to place them in Construction Management roles that match their individual skill sets, personality and career goals.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment team.

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