What Construction Job is Most In-Demand?

What Construction Job is Most In-Demand?

As the Construction Industry continues to expand, so does the need for individuals skilled in a range of construction aspects. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 790,400 new job openings in the industry throughout 2024 in the US alone.

But within this competitive job market, which roles are most in-demand? And could you be the perfect candidate to secure one of them?

Check out the most in-demand construction roles for 2024 below…


In-Demand Construction Jobs

 Construction Managers

Topping the list for the most in-demand construction jobs is Construction Managers. This position covers a wide scope of work and is required for every construction project undertaken, hence the incredibly high demand across the board.

If you’re already a skilled construction worker and have plenty of experience under your belt, moving into a Construction Manager role could be a lucrative next step on your career ladder. This would provide you with the opportunity to utilise your skills for overseeing all aspects of construction, from budgeting to planning and execution.

Construction Managers are highly valued in the industry overall and now more than ever, making this the perfect time to step into this exciting role. 


BIM Managers

Also high on the list of construction jobs in demand is BIM Managers. Building Information Modeling is being utilised across hundreds of thousands of construction projects across the US and the world, meaning individuals specialising in this area are always highly sought after. BIM is cost-effective and efficient, meaning demand for professionals in this area will only continue to grow.

If you possess strong analytical skills, knowledge of BIM software and technology and strong attention to detail, stepping into a BIM Management role could be the perfect choice for you.

As this sector continues to evolve, getting your foot in the door now will stand you in great stead for a promising BIM career.


Green Construction Specialists

Sustainability is a key focus for construction projects all over the world for 2024 and beyond. The growing awareness of environmental issues and government initiatives to push sustainability is behind the growth in demand for green construction specialists, making this an excellent sector to step into currently.

Experienced construction workers can specialise in this area, opening up doors to thousands more construction projects and roles. If you’re interested in gaining a thorough understanding of sustainable business materials and have a passion for protecting our environment, upskilling and moving into a Green Construction Specialist role could mean big things for your construction career.


HVAC Technicians

Never far from the top of the in-demand construction jobs list are HVAC Technicians. The majority of construction projects require some level of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, meaning construction organisations are always on the lookout for individuals skilled in this area.

The growing trend in energy efficiency and smart homes and buildings is only accelerating this need, meaning now is the perfect time to secure a role as an HVAC technician, particularly if you’re already experienced in this area.


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