Skills for Manufacturing Resumes

Your manufacturing resume is your opportunity to create an excellent first impression. Include these skills to make sure it does just that.

Manufacturing Career Growth

The Manufacturing Industry is constantly changing and expanding, meaning opportunities for career growth are plentiful.

Is Manufacturing a Good Career?

If you’re considering a career in manufacturing, you’ll be thinking over the pros and cons. Is it a good career? Will it pay well? Will I be able to progress through the ranks? All valid questions when deciding which career path is best for you. A career in manufacturing offers those benefits in spades. Whether […]

Why Manufacturing Jobs are Important

The manufacturing industry has always been a strong pillar underpinning the workings of our economy, but in recent years, this strength has been put in jeopardy. With more and more technology becoming available, manufacturing roles aren’t as abundant as they once were. However, the manufacturing industry and the roles within it remain an integral part […]

Are Manufacturing Jobs in Demand?

The manufacturing industry is one that is rapidly expanding due to new technologies and innovative ideas being explored.  Gone are the days when a career in manufacturing meant physically challenging factory work or an option reserved for low-skilled workers. The modern manufacturing industry is highly technical, future-focused and looking for skilled workers to take on […]