Virtual Hiring Event for Aerospace Manufacturer


An Aerospace Manufacturer, having secured a substantial business opportunity, faced an immediate need to onboard over 10 engineers spanning various skill sets. These critical roles included Embedded Software Engineers, Staff Systems Engineers, and Electrical Engineers across different Business Units, particularly focusing on ServoValves and actuators. The urgency of the timeline and the requirement for swift, informed decisions prompted the company to seek assistance from Mackinnon and Partners in crafting a tailored solution.


The Aerospace Manufacturer confronted the challenge of not only identifying but also swiftly securing top-tier engineering talent across multiple locations in Illinois and Colorado. The intricate nature of the roles, coupled with the urgency imposed by the project’s timeline, demanded a strategic approach. To address these challenges, Mackinnon and Partners was engaged to expedite the hiring process without compromising the quality of candidates.


In response to the time-sensitive nature of the Aerospace Manufacturer’s requirements, Mackinnon and Partners proposed a virtual hiring event as a solution. This approach allowed for the rapid screening and assessment of a large pool of candidates within a condensed timeframe. The recruitment team worked diligently to source and present three times the number of candidates needed for the roles, ensuring the client had a comprehensive selection to make well-informed decisions.

Over a span of three days, the client conducted virtual interviews with 30 carefully selected candidates spanning the required skill sets and locations. The virtual hiring event facilitated efficient and thorough evaluations, enabling the client to efficiently narrow down their choices. The success in presenting over 30 highly qualified candidates showcased Mackinnon and Partners’ commitment to delivering not only quantity but also quality in their recruitment efforts.


The proactive approach and successful execution of the virtual hiring event resulted in positive outcomes for both Mackinnon and Partners and the Aerospace Manufacturer. The client received a long list of thoroughly vetted candidates, streamlining their decision-making process. The feedback from the efforts was positive, reflecting the high quality of candidates presented for consideration.

Following the virtual event, the client seamlessly transitioned from the long list to the interview stage, ultimately selecting the final candidates. The successful completion of the project on time highlighted the effectiveness of the collaborative approach and the value of leveraging virtual hiring events for time-sensitive and critical hiring needs.


In conclusion, Mackinnon and Partners’ recruitment solution not only met the urgent hiring requirements of the Aerospace Manufacturer but also showcased their ability to adapt and innovate in response to unique challenges. This ensured the timely and successful completion of the crucial engineering project, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to delivering strategic talent solutions for their clients.

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