How Renewable Energy has Grown Over the Years

how renewable energy has grown over the years

Renewable energy is a source of energy that is here to stay, literally, it is renewable. We are going to review how renewable energy has grown over the years and take look into the future.

What is Hydroelectric Energy?

what is hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric energy is one of the largest renewable energy sources in the United States and the world. So, what is hydroelectric energy?

Evolution of Solar Energy

evolution of solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy that has changed over the years, and is here to stay. We are going to review the evolution of solar energy.

How Wind Turbines Work

how do wind turbines work

Wind provides an important renewable energy source. We think it’s important to look into how wind turbines work.

Majority of offshore workforce ‘in low carbon energy roles by 2030’

offshore workforce

Industries such as offshore wind power are included in the report. The majority of the UK offshore workforce could be involved in delivering low carbon energy by 2030, according to a new report. Experts at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University say areas such as offshore wind and carbon capture could account for almost two thirds of […]